tricky tricky

Alright here is the lay out of my problem I installed xen with a few
wireless timeouts…so I rebooted after the install, selected the xen
kernel and it had problems loading my nvidia drivers and took me
straight to the terminal…did not start x server…tried X said could
not load…ok

Do I need to reinstall xen or is there a current issue with the nvidia
drivers?, and if so how do I do that?

here is my thought process on why I want to even install xen.

  1. Install Xen
  2. Install windows
  3. Install my belkin usb wireless n network device on virtual
    windows machine.
  4. create virtual network.
    5 share internet to my host linux machine.

This is all a scheme to use my belkin usb device that I just bought
today and can not return…I am still trying to learn how to compile
drivers so far I have not compiled anything successfully yet…

So here is another thing up for discussion can someone point me into a
good compiling how to forum? I would just love to download drivers and
be able to compile them myself…I try to follow a lot of how to’s but
there is always a step that does not work like ./compile …alright I
better head out hope to hear some good info! :slight_smile:


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