Trials and Tribulations with 11.4

First … to all the Developers… I like it for the most part. However, there are some things that could be improved on. If anyone is interested I have the experiences on a Web Page at:

     [SuSE 11.4](

which I am constantly updating.

Thanks and have fun,

While many here will be interested in reading about your experiences, please be adviced that we are NOT the Developers. Most Developers do NOT come her to see if there is praise, commments or any other type of post.

Ok. But I was hoping that what I have discovered and am still discovering could be of assistance to anyone else. Guess my invite did sound as if it was just to the Developers -but- it is to one and all. I have created WebPages for the various versions of SuSE since version 6.2… well actually 7.0, but 6.2 is what got me into SuSE and now openSuSE. I am an avid VMware user and that along with nVidia is what I have to work on the most… in order to get them working. Not so hard now-a-days but in the past it was a bear.:beat-up:. Anyway, I portray all my mistakes and successes for any and all to see. We’ve all had problems and made the same mistakes. Some just won’t admit it…:O.