Tri-booting: XP, LinuxMint, openSUSE

I am attempting to install openSUSE on a system that already contains XP and LinuxMint from a usb drive. openSUSE live boots, but the liveCD install fails immediately after partition assignments. A splash screen alerts me that Authentication is required for execution. “Authenticate” option simply makes the same splash repeat itself. Since it is only a liveCD environment I imagine I do not have administration priviledges for this sort of operation. I think it’s likely that openSUSE is detecting the existing grub loader and requiring administration approval from openSUSE livecd to edit…which seems somewhat unlikely. Is there a workaround, or am I missing something?

EDIT: To clarify, I am installing on a netbook with no cd/dvd drive access. I’m positive I could do this from a cd/dvd install, but have no idea how to do it with the liveCD/USB install.

I guess you need to give us a copy of how your hard drive is partitioned. Do you have room to load openSUSE or must you shrink one of the partitions? You might post your fstab from your present Linux copy. If you are using a former copy of grub, it is possible to load a new grub copy in the same partition that you load openSUSE and then take the loading information placed in the new menu.lst file in /boot/grub and add it to your existing Linux grub manager. There are lots of ways to fail when adding in a third OS and only one way that works.

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