Trendnet usb to 10/100mpbs adapter

Wondering if this adapter will work with Suse
Linux on a Studio 15 Dell laptop because I don’t have a wireless router.
Well there is one way to find out try and see.

I have used several such adapters (not the brand you mentioned) and all of them worked.

Did they work at bootup? might allow a network install or did you need to load a driver after the install?

As soon as you plug it in (or booted), you get an eth device that you can configure using yast or network manager.
No special driver is needed.

ok but then my question is will the suse live network install cd auto detect and configure it. And did you have to configure it with yast to a certain eth port or was the default fine, and it just worked? In the case the later is true I’d have to download the full DVD.

Not sure about that. But, I think it will do because those basic drivers are there in the network installation CD.