Tray icons

Well, im under KDE 4.2.4, opensuse 11.1 x86_64.

Problem is, when i launch for example amarok (2.1.1) or Ktorrent, the icon on the right lower corner, right beside the time applet, it just shows a blank spot. This only get fixed if i leave ktorrent or amarok running and reboot. This is the only way i can get this icons to show.

Any help appreciated.


That is more a kde issue… so… try a different theme.

I havent changed the theme which suse came with

It might be QT, you may have to update it.

Is there a special QT repository ? if Not, i already have Packman.

And all available updates are installed.

Updated to Qt 4.5.3, problem is still there :frowning:

As the others mentioned, this can be symptomatic of qt4 or theme (qt4-based) issues. Can we take a look at your enabled repos?

zypper lr -d

You could check for any dependency issues via

zypper ve --dry-run

If all is good, you should get this reported

Dependencies of all installed packages are satisfied.

Stupid of me, just needed to end session, and start session again.

Thanks everyone for your help

PD: Incase someone else has this same issue, just update QT libraries like TaraIkeda said.

Thanks for update.