trashcan problem - stupid but anoying

i have a prob with my trashcan, when i try to delete something - it sends those files to trash as it should, but trashcan icon doesn’t change and right click option empty trashcan is disabled so i cant click on it. In order to empty trash I have to open trash select all files or folders and then shift delete them. What might be the problem and what can i do to fix it

NOTE this happens in krusader, konqueror and dolphin


  • auz0bgd,

here’s one from the archives:

Especially the later part editing the desktop file.


Here’s another stupid but annoying trashcan problem: it doesn’t work!

I can’t drop anything from the desktop into the trashcan. A drag & drop just leaves the icons stacked. I forgot to say this is a plasma issue.

If I click on the delete red “X” that shows up on a hover over an icon, it goes into the trashcan. As I said, annoying, but not enough to make me give up on plasma.

i have read the thread u mentioned, opened /home/…/desktop/trash.desktop with editor and it looked the same except load of translations for empty and full trash. meanwhile, suse issued some updates (as i saw none related to my problem) but now deleting items from konqueror or dolphin “triggers” change on trash but krusader doesnt so this might be something krusader related, also im not 100% sure but version im running might be for 10.3

You’re probably using KDE 4.0.4 am I correct?

The desktop icons in 4.0.4 are very finicky. They aren’t the actual icons but rather widget representations of the icons in your home Desktop folder.

In Kde 4.1, they’ve fixed this issue and drag and drop from desktop to trashcan widget works properly.