Trash Won't Empty

“The trash has reached its maximum size!
Cleanup the trash manually.”

That is the message I get when attempting to move anything to the trash. I right-clicked on the trash and hit “empty”. I don’t see any files in there but still I get the above message.

Can anyone tell me how to empty the trash “manually”???

Check out this thread. It might have something useful for you.

I had the same problem recently and found deleting the file in a terminal using rm.

The reason trash didn’t work for me was that it was a large file I was trying to delete and my /home partition was nearly full. It might be your partition is near full also?

Yes, /home partition is pretty full which was the reason I attempted trashing all the unnecessary files, thus filling up the trash.

To what file did you refer when saying you deleted “the file” in a terminal? If you could please give me a specific command to delete said file? (Noob alert!)


You can also delete files directly without sending them to trash first by holding down the “shift” key when you hit delete.

rm -fr [name of directory]

deletes the whole directory. Otherwise just

rm [name of file]

There’s other tricks rm does like wildcards and stuff but I’m no expert on that.