Trash on external drive

Hello fellow Suserians,

I’m running openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.1.3, when I delete files from external drives (e.g. USB-stick) to the trash bin they get moved to my local trash folder. How can I change this behavior so that they are just placed in the trash folder on the external drive?

Just create a folder called Trash and move them there. That’ll do it. Strange idea.

Gone forever

Yeah… thanks, not really what I was looking for though. There must be a real solution which doesn’t require working around the problem all the time? :sarcastic:
I want my pc to do what I want, not jumping through loops for its amusement. :wink:

typically a desktop trash bin is just a file

called for eg: usb.trash

create a text file and give it a name like that

type the following:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Contains deleted files

Only you may have to edit the detail to get it to work. Or have you tried this. I’m flying blind with this myself. Just trying to give you an idea.