Trash is damage

Im deleting som big files and in Dolphin and it says my Trash is full, but if i try to empty trash is says that is can’t find any files.
So it think its full, but files are gone.

How can i repair this? It should be a selection “Permanent delete” in Dolphin, so it doesnt move it to trash.

Hello ronnys,

First of all there’s some information missing in your post.
So could you tell us which version of openSUSE you have?
Which version of KDE you use?

KDE has in his Trash location two folders.

  • files (here goes all the deleted files)
  • info (here goes for every deleted file a info file containing original location and removal date)

If somehow some info files get deleted without the corresponding files then KDE will never remove them on an empty trash request.
To solve this to the following commands:

cd ~/.local/share/Trash

Now you’re in the KDE’s trash location.

rm -rf /home/<USER>/.local/share/Trash

Make sure the path in the last command is correct or you could delete some other files.
This command will remove the folders files and info.

Good luck!:wink:

It was suggested in another forum to put the version of SUSE and desktop environment in the signature so we don’t have to continually type it.

Kudos’ for the guy who suggested it.

How can i repair this? It should be a selection “Permanent delete” in Dolphin, so it doesnt move it to trash.

Look in dolphins settings, there’s an option to show a “remove”-option in the context-menu.

Ok Thanks!
Yes i was in a hurry so i forgot to inform you about my system.

I have OpenSUSE 11.2 64bits with KDE 4.3.5
the disk i wanted to delete files from is an external USB-harddrive that is formatet with NTFS. I guess this can cause some issues.

Im wondering if there is some issues with the NTFS-3G support. Because i downloaded from a SLES10-server over SFTP some Xen-imaging-files for backup. There is two imagine-files that is 10GB and 15GB.
I use FileZille 3.0.3 to download files and what happens is that the target imagine-files(the copy) grow over its size and didn’t stop until the whole disk was full. So instead to be 10GB and 15GB both files become over 35GB each.

I will start its own tread about this!