Trash icon disapearing on login: Why?

Hello guys. I hope this question belongs here.

I have three icons in my desktop: Home, File System and Trash. Lately, when I start a new session, the Trash icon is missing from my desktop. This doesn’t happen always, it only occurs with the Trash icon and when it does I can still access my Trash from a shortcut I have in my panel. I think this is weird though, so I would like to know if someone knows the reason why this is happening and how could I fix it.

Thanks for your help.

> Lately, when I start a new session,

the above means that it used to not disappear, right? so, when did it
change and what did you do just before then? (update, customize
desktop, move trash around, what?)

what operating system and version?
what desktop environment and version?


I’m on openSUSE 12.2 with XFCE, and yeah, it used not to desapear; but I don’t remember having done something strange, just the usual: updating the system when it asks for it, downloading some normal apps and I haven’t touched the icons in the desktop.

There is one thing I do a lot and is changing wallpapers, but I don’t think it is wrong.

On 03/26/2013 05:56 PM, linmach89 wrote:
> I’m on openSUSE 12.2 with XFCE

sorry, but i know too little to help…maybe you have to wait for a
XFCE guru…

next time you have a desktop question i’d suggest you put XFCE in the
subject line–that way someone who knows about XFCE can look in, and
all the KDE, GNOME, E17, LXDE, and etc users/helpers can skip it…