trash CAN'T be empty

the trash can’t be empty when I log system as a normal user. but when I try to empty it as root, I can’t find the location of trash. how could I empty trash?

Give this a try open a terminal then:
cd /home/username/.local/share/Trash

cd files
rm -r to all directories there

cd …

cd info

rm -r to all directories there



Thank you for this post, I had about 3 Gigabytes of disk space on / that I couldn’t figure out where they were! They were sitting in the root trash. I guess when I use Nautilus in the superuser mode, it puts deleted files into the root trash bin. I assume that if I had logged into the desktop as root, I would have been able to empty the trash via the gui? Maybe this will solve the problem that I have been having with Nautilus (or any other program) using all the 1 gig of ram when doing a file search. We’ll see.

This forum is an invaluable resource!

This has happened to me before and it took me awhile to figure it out. Through trial and error, I finally solved problem exactly as explained by Sagemta…:slight_smile: