Transparent panel

Hi there!
How can I make the panel transparent?
Do you know any appearence theme with transparent panel?
Thank you in advance.

The panel of what? I guess in a desktop environment. Which one? And which verson of openSUSE?

I beg your pardon, Henk.
You are right: the desktop panel.
I’m using openSuse 13.1 with KDE desktop.

Thank you.

If you are using the default openSUSE theme in 13.1 with desktop effects enabled then the panel is already transparent - although it is not immediately obvious unless you move something of a lighter colour behind it.

I don’t think you can change the opacity level as this is controlled by the theme but you could select a different panel background that is more transparent in

configure desktop > Workspace Appearance > Desktop Themes > Details

Transparency is not how it used to be in kde3
I think the best comes with a theme called Glassified

To change the transparency it is necessary to manually edit the “panel-background.svgz” image that is relevant to the theme in use, it’s normally located at:


Unless you are familiar with themes it’s not intuitively obvious what to change, there’s info on the KDE TechBase website regarding creating themes. Development/Tutorials/Plasma/ThemeDetails - KDE TechBase is a good starting place.

Usual caveats apply, ensure you have a back-up copy of the theme you’re changing…

Thank you, very much!
Now I’m using Glassified background panel. While I learn about change transparency manually.
Thanks again.

Hey thanks for that, i have not wanted to do what OP wants, but i have wanted to modify the appearance of the panel in themes in the past. That info may come in handy to me in the future. Cheers.

You’re welcome. I’m still getting to grips with inkscape, karbon seemed adequate for my needs but appears hopelessly broken at the moment;)…