transparent menu

One menu became transparent and very difficult to read. It is the menu that appears when I click with the right mouse button on the top bar of most windows and contains things like “move to desktop”, “minimize” etc. How do I turn off this transparency?


Go to “Configuration Desktop” > “Desktop Effects” > “All Effects”

Scroll down to Translucency. Deactivate it or click on the little wrench symbol on the right. In the menu you can adjust the transparency for the pop-up menus.

I did that. It is still transparent, only this menu and those which appears from that.

Are you using the default desktop theme or another one? Try to switch the desktop theme to another one and then back.

sounds like a video driver issue
what kind of graphic card do you have, do you have a pc with a buildin video adapter (newer intel’s)
what OS do you have 13.2 13.1 older?
did you update something recently?

what DE are you using, kde4?
have you tried LXDE or window maker to make sure it’s a kde issue?

Problem solved.
I have a AMD Radeon™ HD R9 270 2GB GDDR5 in opensuse 13.1
I’ve installed AMD_fglrx and now the transparency is gone.

I’m glad to hear that you were able to solve the problem.
Thanks for sharing your solution.