transparent mapping of a netwok folder as local drive

Instead of setting up a second user for VNC. Do the obvious and access the data via network share.

If I write a network share into fstab and mount it as local drive, how to make it search for the network folder on demand?

I am now using my mobile phone as AP, connect my 12" Android tablet via VNC and Quicksynergy back to my laptop.

So I have access to the same data.

On the other side I do have a 12" MacAir running 15.1 and is connected with Qsynergy to the notebook.

My 8GB RAM are bottlenecking so I think a second VNC is not a good idea.

But accessing the data on the notebook via a network share would help.

If I open a network share on the USB drive, I cannot directly work on the files, as if they would be on the same notebook.

So is there a setting to write the network share into fstab to make it “local” connecting to a system with dynamic IP?

Please don’t let us shoot in the dark, rather show the actual info from the fstab.

fstabAutomount units may either be configured via unit files, or via /etc/fstab (see fstab(5) for details).
For details how systemd parses /etc/fstab see systemd.mount(5).
If an automount point is configured in both /etc/fstab and a unit file, the configuration in the latter takes precedence.

Also read

man fstab

For a DHCP situation, you could configure the router to reserve a particular address for the host/device in question, then it’s IP address will essentially remain static. Alternatively, you could take advantage of Avahi (using mDNS/DNS-SD), using a hostname of the form “//servername.local/…”.