Transmission in combination with Nextcloud

I have a server that is completely cloud based.
This means that all services that I add to it can be reached via web or via next cloud.
I have installed transmission and modified the config files so that it works in the cloud.

I have chosen a location on the server for the torrent files eg / torrent
Inside there folders have made “complete” “incomplete” “movies” “music”
and a hidden .config folder
open the .config folder and create a new file named settings.json with nano or vim and put the following:

"blocklist-enabled": 0, 
"download-dir": "/torrent", 
"download-limit": 100, 
"download-limit-enabled": 0, 
"encryption": 2, 
"max-peers-global": 200, 
"peer-port": 51413, 
"pex-enabled": 1, 
"port-forwarding-enabled": 0, 
"rpc-access-control-list": "+", 
"rpc-authentication-required": 0, 
"rpc-password": "jewachtwoord", 
"rpc-port": 9091, 
"rpc-username": "gebruikersnaam", 
"upload-limit": 3, 
"upload-limit-enabled": 1, 
"proxy-port": 0, 
"proxy-enabled": 0 

Adjust this to your own data and save it
Now we have to adapt transmission-daemon.service this file is located here / usr / lib / systemd / system
open transmission-daemon.service with nano or vim and then it looks like this:

Description=Transmission BT daemon 

ExecStart=/usr/bin/transmission-daemon -f --blocklist -g /torrent/.transmission/.config/transmission 


Change User = transmission to User = wwwrun

And change on the line ExecStart behind -g the path to your config file so in this case should be /torrent/.config.

now only turn on and start

sudo systemctl enable transmission-daemon.service

sudo systemctl start transmission-daemon.service

and do not forget to open your port in the firewall
And then you should also be able to add the folder where your torrents are downloaded to as external storage in your nextcloud and simply transfer files there or throw them away.

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