Transmission 1.40 RPM available?

Hello - I am running Transmission 1.31 on 10.3 and I see that 1.40 has been released. I don’t see the update from YaST (it may not be there yet etc etc) but I did find it here
Can I install this RPM as an update or is this for 11.0 only?
If I wanted to compile from source for 10.3 (I have never done this before) how would I know that the source code would work on 10.3?
Or is this a dumb question.

Thank you

yes it is in this repository
Index of /repositories/home:/peternixon/openSUSE_11.0

you can use firefox search plugin to search available software.



aka webpin

Thank you, but the question remains, can I run the file from the 11.0 repository on 10.3?

possibly, providing you take care of dependencies, or you could rebuild the rpm for your system


How would I go about this?

Thank you

which part ? taking care of dependencies or rebuilding the rpm ?


Building an RPM, as I guess that this would be the easiest way - I’ll take a look in the man.