Translation with TOR

Good Morning,
I am wanting to make my Internet browsing private so I opted to start using the Tor Browser. The problem is that when I go to sites like pay pal which have hosted sites around the world I end up at those sites instead of the US hosted sites. The translation addon is not working either so I am unable to navigate the site. Is their an official tor forum that I can reference to familiarize myself with setting up the Tor Browser?


Although your question has nothing to do with openSUSE, here is a link to the torproject site.

In the documentation,
You’ll find steps to configure your “circuit.”

I just click on the menu option to “New Tor circuit for this site” until I get a configuration I want (It’s displayed to the right of the link)

I think that PayPal is one of those sites which will block your connection from countries other than what it believes you should be in… Part of their anti-fraud effort.
I don’t usually make PayPal payments using Tor (after all, you have to identify yourself to access PayPal), but I think I discovered this when I accidentally used Tor once to access them.


Kerijan, thank you for the link. I only posted the request here since I am using Tor Browser on openSUSE.

Thank you for the advice. I had the same restriction when I accessed this forum with Tor. Once I find the circuit that works for me everything should work well. I will try that when I get home.