Transitioning from XP

Hi All

Apologize if this posted somewhere else, I’ve been searching things but getting a little confused.

I am getting the computer ready atm to dual boot with XP & openSuse, with the goal of getting rid of XP as much as possible. So I am posting here to try and find some help with some of the apps/solutions I have setup in XP and finding equivalent solutions in linux.

World of warcraft
I did look this up first and believe there is a wine solution :slight_smile: I am hoping its a good one. WoW was the reason I went from Suse back to XP.

Microsoft Outlook
I think Evolution will be equally as good however I want to check some setup details. I have my PDA (HTC Touch Pro) setup to sync contacts/tasks/calendar. I also run Google calendar sync as I run outlook on my laptop as well but only for the calendar. This is probably the most complicated thing I need to setup in Suse. I have my calendar & email on Google Apps. I use Outlook for the Extra functionality - tasks/contact details.

Web page editing Wysiwig
Is there an equivalent to dreamweaver, or should I keep using dreamweaver through Wine. I only use it to create a html Newsletter. So I am open to other suggestions.

Support for 2 monitors
Is this built in? or do I have to do something during the install.

Yes these are al questions while I wait for my Suse download!


Hmmm this is extra to the post above

I use Skype as my phone and forgot a crucial application.

Connects Outlook with Skype so I can select a contact in outlook and call them - with Skype. it also records all skype calls and puts the conversations in an outlook folder. for business purposes, its extremely useful.

Does anyone know of anything similar to this at all?

I can’t comprehensively answer all your questions but I can give you a few hints

WoW - Can’t help with this as I don’t play games

Outlook - Evolution isn’t the only option, check out Kontact and Kmail, you could also look at Mozilla’s Thunderbird mail client and Sunbird calendar applications

There are also numerous sync applications, don’t know a whole lot about them but KPilot and KitchenSync are two I believe which get installed by default

WYSIWYG - Several of these, Nvu/Kompozer, Quanta and OpenOffice also has a web page write, but Dreamweaver works fine in wine, I use it myself so I know that from my own experience

Dual Monitors - Sax2 allows you to set this up simply and easily

Skype - Don’t use it myself but I imagine there are several solutions available for this too

Hope that helps

This is for sure, you need to develop a new mind set completely. Not so much transition - but metamorphosis.
Think how you were when you First sat in front of a windows pc.

Now you are doing the same with Linux.

There is always the option of Virtual Box and XP running in it from a Linux host.](

WoW seems to work fine under wine, its not perfect but it works.

Outlook, there I cant say much about as I hate it so much.
If you use it for google stuff, why dont you just use a google account via your browser.
I would just split your outlook activities, Thunderbird for mail, Google web apps for your calendar.
As for PDA, there I cant help as I dont use a PDA.

Kompozer is a WYSIWYG Web editor, but it seems to have fallen out these days, again wine can help if you need dreamweaver.

2 Monitors, I dont know…

And there is a skype client for linux

Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile: I will keep sorting through everything.

It is a different mindset, but I do want the functionality from a business angle. :slight_smile:

> It is a different mindset, but I do want the functionality from a
> business angle. :slight_smile:

Unix (Linux’s big brother) and other software companies were providing
“business angle” solutions before the hoods in Redmond stole their
first ‘innovation’…


No idea about the game, but Outlook runs fine in Suse if you use it via Codeweavers CrossOver.
I have outlook 2007, the whole office 2007 suite actually on my opensuse 11.1 thanks to crossover.
Dreamweaver runs as well via this crossover.

But if you want a real outlook counterpart on linux, go for Zimbra Desktop. It’s free now and can do as much and in some cases more than outlook.

Support for two monitors is no problem with the correct drivers.

Just got the HTC Touch from verizon. It’s crippled a bit, but it’s still a pretty powerful little PDA. Anyways, I have personally been tinkering around with Google Android on it, but when it’s using WM6.1 only the storage card is recognized. I’ve just found this page on getting the HTC Touch Pro to sync with Ubuntu and as soon as I’m done running updates I’ll try it out with my HTC Touch and give feedback.