Hello, this is the typical salutation from a new user. I am a new user to opensuse but by no means a newbie to linux. I am an ex Fedora packager and documentor, and honestly after combating egos within the Fedora community, I have been distro-hopping looking for a new home. I finally decided to give Opensuse a try, I am a big fan of .rpm and my main two servers at work run suse. I am very happy with what I see, I am a fan of KDE and the distro packs it as one of the default interfaces. I also fell in love with the Opensuse build service. I also like the lifespan of releases compared to Fedora’s notoriously short lifespan. I would like to get involved with anything I can.

Good to hear. If you’d like to get involved, this page can get you started:

Portal:How to participate - openSUSE


The forum is always a good place to start, just getting to know folk and get known. Learn the ropes so to speak.
If you are interested in the build service why not post that interest here: openSUSE Build Service (OBS)
Or visit the irc #openSUSE-buildservice

Hope you enjoy your time with us :smiley:

I’ll check it out. Thanks for the link.

Thank you very much. I intend on getting involved as much as possible, to be honest my 64bit installation seems faster than my previous fedora 64bit install on my desktop. I have to ask does the DVD include the nvidia proprietary driver or is the nouveau driver really that polished in opensuse?

It is the nouveau driver

I used my own method
nVidia Driver via Repo in 11.3 & 11.4 - Guide

But you can of course download the driver form nvidia and run the installer from level3 (I have done this in Fedora too, so you may be familiar)
Observe the KMS settings though (or some folks completely remove the nouveau driver)

I have to say Opensuse did a great job with the driver. I have always used the proprietary nvidia driver however I always used the rpmfusion kmod-nvidia method because it installs the dkms package so I don’t always have to recompile the kernel when updating my system.

I always used the rpmfusion kmod-nvidia method because it installs the dkms package
I have seen that mess things up a few times in Fedora, it can drag in updates before all the necessary updates and dependencies were ready. Which is why, when I used Fedora 10 and 11 I only used the manual install.

Actually I didn’t have any problems with it, the only problem I had (technically speaking, redhat egos excluded) was that the virtualbox guest additions would cause my install to hang on boot which would require booting into run level 3 and all that mess to fix it.

I have run F14 on my R61
And it worked well. But it’s all OOTB drivers so it always works flawlessly. I have a high regard for Fedora.
One thing I dislike is it’s partitioner and bootloader installation: The partitioner puts a label on your partition and the bootloader moves the boot flag to the fedora root partition, easy enough to undo (well, you can’t take the label off until you remove fedora), but then I usually use SUSE to manage grub, so I switch the boot flag back, usually to my extended and re-install SUSE grub, then add an entry manually to boot Fedora.

To be honest I am not quite enthusiastic about LVM being the default Fedora hard disk setup. However like you I hold Fedora to a high-esteem, I just don’t like that it is a testbed with a short lifespan. I do love the upstream contribution both Fedora and Redhat makes, and I have modeled all of my contributions in Linux to benefit everyone not just my distro. However I am a KDE fan and the majority of my Desktop Environment developing focuses on KDE and QT. I have to really admit I am absolutely happy with my new Suse 64bit install, kudos to those involved with the development and packaging for suse.

I will admit however I am a little nervous about the Novell merger/acquisition…but from what I have read Attachmate has been enthusiastic about working with Opensuse.

Anywho I will be contributing soon, with the packaging of jupiter (Jupiter Applet) which gives eeepc netbooks the control over super hybrid engine, the touchpad, and the wifi adapter.

I use this nouveau driver and its ok. But, do we get these 3D drivers from nouveau? I read on phoronix that there are available, but i assume they don’t update them self.

Glad to hear. I hope this will be your only love, forever :slight_smile:

I never used Fedora myself (i installed it once) but i think you will like it what you see here.
I am myself a pretty noob but even i can handle OpenSuse. So it can’t be that hard :slight_smile:

Welcome again.