Transfering Data from OS X

Hey all,

So my powerbook died on me recently and I need to transfer data to a thinkpad running Suse Enterprise 10.1. I have the home folder from the powerbook (10.4.X) on an external hard drive. The linux machine reads it fine, but I don’t have the appropriate permissions to access the Home folder.


Thanks in advance…


If you have the partition hosting the file system where your Mac OS X home directory lives already mounted on a given directory in Open Suse, do the following:

  1. As root, get a bash session prompt.

  2. Identify the directory where the external partition is mounted:

df -h

  1. Change the ownership/access rights of the directory so that it is owned by an active account (your regular user account) in Open Suse

a) chmod -R ug+rw <absolute-directory-path>
b) chown -R <put-your-user-name-here>:<put-your-group-name-here> <absolute-directory-path>

Now, you should be able to copy data objects from the external partition to the home directory corresponding to your regular account.

Notice: the user and group specified in step 3 are those associated to your regular account in Open Suse.



Thanks for the reply. I had to put this project on hold for a while, but here goes.

So following the above directions I seem to have changed every directory and file on the external drive to read-only. I am still unable to open the password protected folders from the os x home folder (Documents, Pictures, etc.)

Thanks in advance.

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