Transfer text to Alcatel mobile

Has anyone been able to transfer text files to an Alcatel mobile for sending text messages?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Seems a very long winded method? I just use email client (I also send computer alerts from a script), just need to find the domain and add the phone number…

Does that not assume that the recipient has set up their phone for E-mail?

KDE-connect. Install on both computer and phone, configure, pair them, write your text, select your text by Ctrl-V, paste it on the phone. Done.

No it arrives as a text message…

Thanks for the speedy response. Unfortunately the phone did not have sufficient space for installation.

Thanks, I tried that but must be doing something wrong. I sent a test message to, using my mobile number. Nothing arrived and no error reported.

Yes, that will likely depend on the gateway provided by your provider.

For others who may come searching…

IIRC that doesn’t work for most European providers. It used to, but it stopped working and at the time a friend working on Vodafone infra said they blocked that.

Did you include the area code?

FWIW, in Vodafone NZ have taken steps to commercialise this service via their multiTXT service. :frowning:

Tried area code, then added country code, and finally tried a"+" as well.

Tried area code, then added country code, and finally tried a"+" as well.

Then you might need to make room on the phone for KDE Connect…

Nothing stored on it. It’s the simplest, cheapest, smallest mobile available in Mexico. You get what you pay for!

Thanks everyone for trying to help out.

Maybe not free either?

Another option.
I have a Sipgate basic account for occasional use. As far as I know it is available in English ( and German ( languages. There is no subscription fee and the cost of sms texts and most phone call is less than my mobile phone provider. Their web interface provides sending text messages from a browser with your own mobile number as the caller id… The voip service works with Linphone on Leap, android and ios.

Does the Telcel subscriber have the SMS/MMS per e-Mail service activated?