transactional updates - /etc overlay fails to mount


I am currently testing out transactional updates in Leap 15/Tumbleweed/Kubic (same issue on all) and seem to have got myself into a race condition on boot where the /etc overlay at /var/lib/overlay/etc fails to mount.

I have 2x disk drives.

Drive 1. 40GB SSD formatted with Btrfs and mounted at / with the default subvolumes and a label of “ROOT”
Drive 2. 1TB HDD formatted with Btrfs and mounted at /var with no subvolumes and a label of “VAR”

In the dmesg output I can see “ROOT” device come online, then immediately an error failing to mount the overlay

overlayfs: failed to resolve /sysroot/var/lib/overlay/etc: -2

Then a few lines later, the “VAR” volume comes online, hence the failre to mount the overlay.

Interestingly enough, If I swap the install around (install / to the HDD and /var to the SSD) the issue goes away, as it seems as soon as the / volume is online the overlay tries to mount instead of waiting for /var.

Does anyone know a way to configure a delay with overlayfs to give time for the second drive to be available?

What’s the content of /etc/fstab.sys?

IMO you should open a bug report.