Tranlation removal

Package Updater just announced 193 updates. Many of them are translations which I assume are applied if I decide to run 15.2 in a language other than British English. Is there a simple way to remove them from the update and to block future re-installation?

Thanks for any advice.

Yup, I use the following to remove all lang packages and add locks…

rpm -qa *-lang --qf "%{name}
" |xargs zypper rm -u
zypper al *-lang

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Much as I love our distro I would really enjoy having a minimal installation DVD for those of us who know what we want in the way of applications to be added later. I am sure that much work goes into choosing the default applications that will benefit newbies, but I get tired of constant changes.

Just use the NET install… you can point it at the DVD iso image locally, install as required. But you can also select what to install at the end with software selections. If you have a setup you like, use Studio Express to create your own…

In a regular DVD install,
When you see the screen “Role” that lists the KDE, Gnome, Generic Desktops and Transaction Server,
Select the radio button for “Generic Desktop”
When you complete your installation, it won’t install a full Desktop and your system will boot to IceWM which is little more than the IceWM Window Manager, YaST and the Xterm terminal. There might be a few other apps installed that don’t come to my mind immediately.

That and an installed X Window system is all you’ll have to start with and then you can install anything you want.