Training Peaks WKO+ Cycling Software

Hello guys and sorry to bother you with such stuff at the end of the year.

I am a more recent user of OpenSUSE after trying other distros and settling on this one as I find it the most usable in my case. That is one of the reason why I also joined this official Forum.

Now, before I go even deeper into a story telling you might not want to read I jump straight to the issue at hand.

I am trying to kill Windows forever on my PC at home, but due to the fact that I love cycling (actually I race also!) I need a software that is called Training Peaks WKO+ which helps me analyze my workouts, races, etc and that one has no version for Linux; only Windows. The thing is I can’t get it to run under Linux. Where should I start? Treat me like an idiot, will you? I know that WINE is supposed to help, but it just doesn’t load in it? I am stuck big time.

Any suggestion will be tried out! It’s a promise. If I get this to work properly I will format the XP drive myself.

Thanks in advance for now and “Happy New Year” to all of you out there.


How about running in inside Windows in a virtual machine, like VMWare or Virtualbox? Do you have the install media for your Windows?

I got the software to install under WINE, but it’s not showing the numbers properly. Instead of integer numbers it’s showing them in another format hard to understand for the regular human beings…

Image proof below:

I read that I might be missing some DLLs, but I’m not sure.

Hi, I’ll be interested to know how you get on with this. Reason for asking is that I’m thinking of getting an Asus for touring and would prefer Linux but want to be able to run WKO on it.

FYI just in case you dont already know there’s a Google group for WKO. Recent post (link below) there mentioned using VMWare for Macs and this seems to work fine.

Wattage | Google Groups