I had an old Opensuse 11.4 64bit pc running on a KDE Desktop and started to used it for about two weeks.
The systems was slower then previous Opensuse installs and I was starting to get annoyed by it. I had to run htop and system Monitor to find out what was wrong and the culprit was … tracker.

Tracker “eats” about 5% cpu even after a long time running his database thing.
On boot the thing takes 100% CPU.
After searching this forum I made the right decision to remove it entirely.
Now the KDE startup/login is Much faster and even programs like Opera got much better startup times.
I really recommend people to Uninstall Tracker, specially in systems that are more limited then a full blown desktop.


Tracker being a Gnome app shouldn’t be installed by default with KDE, you must of had Gnome installed in parallel or earlier

If you need desktop search in KDE see


I always install several desktop environments, in order to be able to choose and test stuff.
And I really do not need any desktop search.
Other desktop I installed was lxde that I find very simple and effective for things like software development.
But I really prefer KDE as a Desktop environment so I had to see what was going on with the slowness of the thing :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip. I just noted the other day that it’s installed on an old slow machine I have running XFCE, and in addition to consuming the CPU it seemed to cause at least one problem with Firefox. Think I’ll get rid of it.

I have created a tutorial for romanian users here in order to delete and disable Tracker Tutorial: dezactivare Meta Tracker sub openSUSE | Linux pentru incepatori here is how you suppose to do:

  1. open Yast -> Software management -> in search you type tracker-miner and delete all packages he find with one exception libtracker-miner-x_yy-z
  2. open a terminal and go to /etc/xdg/autostart
  3. using a text editor like pico for e.g, edit each tracker-*.desktop and add to the end of each file Hidden=true
  4. save settings and execute log out and log in in to your desktop

No more Tracker at startup :slight_smile:

Just go to the xfce4-settings (settings-manager)
In session and startup-autostart applications
Untick tracker.

In my case before with xfce I removed tracker in yast software management.