Track sort order in GTKPOD

Having finally resolved to relieve the mac mini from any duties, I’m trying to get GTKPOD to manage my 2 1/2 year old 160GB ipod classic.
Everything appears to work, but after saving and umounting, the ipod plays albums with the tracks in alphabetical title order, not in track order.
I’ve googled high and low, checked all the preferences (Edit/Sorting set to tracks), and while the displayed order in GTKPOD is fine, nothing changes the playback order on the ipod.

Any clues out there?
openSuse 11.2/gtkpod 0.99.14 [Also tried in Mandriva with same result]

edit: More relevant information : occurs when selecting albums by Composer.
(Might seem odd, but I have used TCOM to tag AlbumArtist, as the ipod firmware doesn’t otherwise support AlbumArtist, but there is a perfectly good Composer listing that I wasn’t using)