TPB strikes again or not

All I can say is md5 seams diffrent than RC1.
Well see… >:)

Well GM Live CD also has different md5 :smiley:
I could corrupt RC1 cd and md5 is different :smiley:
Just wait for Final Release, You won’t get any updates anyway (i think repos will be activated at the release date but i might be wrong).

The iso is genuine, this is 11.1 Gnome live CD x86_64.
Torrent speed is great.

Bender u should be more optimistic.

How do You know it is genuine?? GMC Live CD wasn’t saying that it’s a Release Candidate either.

Have you downloaded it?

Well no, although I would dl it just to confirm if it is real :]
But i will get original DVD anyway so there is no hurry :smiley:

Its not finall :’( d**n! >:(
It will do fine for one more day

So what is it? RC1 or GMC?

Its GMC.
TPB has let me down :’(

I had GMC from 5th December but it wasn’t usable due to kernel-source not being there :slight_smile: I think kernel in final version will be as the kernel from GMC was available at certain Build Service maintainer where kernel got updated to the one i’m talking about:) I was running that one with no problems at all:]

I just had a KMP build finish and it’s using…

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You don’t seem to listen when told that you’re wrong. :expressionless: Have a look at the Package List - openSUSE lists but of course I could have also faked them. :wink: Not that the build revision number would be that interesting anyway…

No matter, there will probably be an update following Final Release:P

Where is package list for 64 bit Live CDs ??