TP-LInk wn821n random lost connection

I have buy new usb wifi this work very good but anytime …random… lost connection… I see solution but all for ubuntu… and I’m noob user opensuse…
I have opensuse 42.1 help if you can…
thank… and Forgive me my bad English

Welcome to openSUSE Forums. Can you point us to the Ubuntu pages that you described as having solutions? Someone may be able to advise on how to apply to openSUSE. Also, it is a good idea to show the particular chipset details and associated driver. For a usb device, you can get the information using


Alternatively, the hwinfo utility can also be used to provide chipset and driver information

/usr/sbin/hwinfo --wlan

thank Deano_Ferrari this afternoon when end work i send output of lsusb and other…
I following this:

Assuming that your device is supported by the Realtek driver, here’s what you need to do…

You may need to install git first…

~> sudo zypper in git

You will need the following development packages installed as well

~> sudo zypper in dkms kernel-devel kernel-headers gcc make

Now you can get started

~> git clone

Become root with

~> su -

then do

# dkms add ./rtl8192cu-fixes
# dkms install 8192cu/1.10
# depmod -a
# cp ./rtl8192cu-fixes/blacklist-native-rtl8192.conf /etc/modprobe.d/
# echo "options 8192cu rtw_power_mgnt=0 rtw_enusbss=0" > /etc/modprobe.d/50-8192cu.conf
# reboot

Now your device should be working properly using the 8192cu driver.

thanks a lot deano_ferrari
seems to be stable now … I have to put “solved” the discussion?
Many thanks again

I’m glad this resolved the stability issue for you. We don’t generally mark threads as solved here.

I have met exactly the same situation with TP-Link wn821n’s losting connection problem. It usually dysfunctions after a long time work. A re-insert must be done while this problem occurs. Then I compile & install the latest source fixed this problem.