TP-link Wireless Card driver for 11.1

I just installed the opensuse 11.1 KDE and i’ve been trying to get the driver for my TP-Link TL-WN620G wireless usb. I’ve checked through the HCL and also Linux wireless LAN support, and what do u know, my device jst happens to b d only unsupported one in the list>:(

I would appreciate it if anyone can give any pointers as to how i can get d drivers or get it working.


Have you had a peek here ? the chaps here have done some sterling work on linux drivers. Also, check out the stickies in the wireless sub-forum,some really good info there


Can you post the output of:

This way we can see the device identifier
The thing is reported to work on Mandriva One 2007, so I’d say we should be able to get it to work.

Then again, like me you’re in the Netherlands, so why not just pick up a couple of cheap ones (Sweex etc.) and see which one works out of the box. I found out the cheapest Sweexes work out of the box or just need some firmware, that’s public available.

Good luck.

Unfortunately at the moment i cant post the exact results of the lsusb command cos im at work. but i have checked previously and i think it read:

“Atheros ar5523 (no firmware)”

dats not the full info but i’m guessing dats what u looking for?..will post full output wen im bak home.


Also, checked the link and still can’t find my card on the list unfortunately. Thanks for the link though, looks very handy to know/have:)