TP-Link TL-WN851N not connecting to network

can anybody help, im having problems installing TP-Link TL-WN851N on suse 11.3, no internet activity at all >:(

First thing, you shouldn’t double post.

In order for us to help, you need to follow the sticky posts at the top of this forum. The model of your card doesn’t tell us much, as the manufacturer can switch the chipset on a whim between versions. In rare cases they may even have different chipsets with the same hardware versions.

I googled around a bit and if you have this usb id: 168c:0029, it seems to use the ath9k driver. But, without knowing for sure there’s no point going into more detail.

i did a little googling myself and that card chipset is not supported bay ath9k driver yet

Well, if you want to get it working you’ll need to post the information about your card so we know which one it really is. It’s very probable that someone here will be able to help you get your card working.

I found also found spontaneously two reports on success with other distributions using something called “TL-WN851N”
on TP-Link TL-WN851N(WIFI card/adapter/dongle) - Linux Mint Community
and on * Thema anzeigen - [erledigt] Kaufempfelhlung für PCI-WLAN-Karte from Emess on the 2011/02/17 (I have only searched for hits in the last year)

What do you think about trying to get confirm the numeric PCI ID or numeric USB ID for your device?
The sense in that is that manufactures/vendors often change the internal hardware without changing the name or use just different names for the same internal hardware.
See: My wireless doesn’t work - a primer on what I should do next


What gives
for a PCI device:

/sbin/lspci -nn

for a (external or internal) USB-Device: