Touchscreen Rotation

First time poster here. I’m writing this while running Opensuse Tumbleweed from a “live” iso on a USB drive. I am “playing” with it primarily to see haw well it supports the touchscreen on my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga, a convertible laptop. For the most part, it works as well as Fedora Cinnamon which is currently installed. The one feature that I cannot make work is auto screen rotation. As you know, the screen should rotate as I physically rotate the machine and change it from computer to tablet. Even though I am running Tumbleweed on a USB with persistence, I find that there certain configuration change that I cannot make. Most importantly, i suspect, I cannot do any system or other software updates. Can I expect to get full implementation when fully installed and updated? Or, will there then be some configuration changes available that will enable full functionality? I have done some internet searching and searched this site and have found some older discussion, but no conclusions. Thanks.

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I have DELL Venue 11 7130 Pro here, fired up the latest GNOME on it, rotation working OTB, this uses the hid_sensor_* for rotation, gyro etc. Are these modules active?

lsmod |grep iio

What Desktop Environment (DE) are you using in openSUSE?

[SUB]I’m running the KDE desktop in Tumbleweed. The following is the result of [/SUB][SUB]

[/SUB][SUB]lsmod |grep iio


linux@localhost:~> lsmod |grep iio
hid_sensor_iio_common    20480  5 hid_sensor_gyro_3d,hid_sensor_trigger,hid_sensor_als,hid_sensor_accel_3d,hid_sensor_magn_3d
hid_sensor_hub         24576  7 hid_sensor_gyro_3d,hid_sensor_trigger,hid_sensor_iio_common,hid_sensor_als,hid_sensor_accel_3d,hid_sensor_magn_3d,hid_sensor_custom


One other point that might be related: In Fedora, there is a setting for calibrating the screen and touch pen. It consists of 4 points on a screen that you touch with the pen. I don’t find this here.

Try the GNOME Live, I have an active pen, it works, no calibration needed…

Do I want Basic, Wayland, or X11?

I’m running the default Wayland (well Xwayland).

I had to make another live usb for Gnome. So, I don’t know if it is basic, wayland, or x11. Anyway, it does work better with regard to auto screen rotation. At the risk of sounding too particular, I really don’t like the look and feel of Gnome (the old original Gnome was good), I will make it my fall-back if I decide I can’t live with KDE as it is. I suppose as development continues, it may eventually auto rotate. Or maybe we can figure out a way to fix it.

I did find that I can manually rotate the screen in the display config gui. However, even though the screen rotates, the touch controls don’t rotate with it so that when you touch something “here”, something happens “over there”. Mouse controls work OK.

No worries, it was only to confirm the underlying system modules etc are working. Likely somewhere in the Plasma settings (I’m not a Plasma user), hopefully a forum Plasma user will chime in now :wink: