Touchpad Settings


I’ve installed 11.2 KDE and I want to disable all the fancy touchpad options like tapping and scrolling.

There were no obvious touchpad options in KDE but I found ‘gsynaptics’ by searching and installed.

It doesn’t seem to appear anywhere in the menus but just running it works OK…

…until I reboot. Then I have run it again.


Help appreciated…

This is discussed in several posts. Do a search.
Synaptics Multi-Touch - openSUSE Forums

Thanks syampillai.

I had a look at your file and the output of ‘synclient -l’.

I noticed that gsynaptics was saving most of the settings and that you had chosen to disable tapping with TapTime whereas gsynaptics was setting the TapButton numbers to zero.

I went back to gsynaptics and set tap time slider to zero and all was well…


Enter ‘touchpad’ in the search field in the software installer, and see what happens…I used ‘touchfreeze’ on my previous laptop, but there’s more programs to manage the synaptic touchpads. I’d use one of the KDE ones.

I did such a search but there is very little there - which is why I tried gsynaptics. I was kind of looking for synaptiks which I was using (successfully) with another distro on KDE, but it isn’t there. ‘Package search’ finds many versions of it but I tried a few and got errors about invalid meta-data in the repositories.

The description of touchfreeze is a bit ambiguous - does it do more than just disable on typing?

IIRC touchfreeze also lets you configure tapping etc. For searching I suggest you use