Touchpad Scrolling

Hey, when I first installed this system, I was annoyed because me touchpad was acting funky. So I disabled touchpad scrolling and it all went away.

Well, now I’d like to know what makes the touchpad scroll instead of move. I want to reenable it if it might be useful.

So does anybody know what makes the touchpad tick?


AFAIK touchpad scrolling is feature of the right hand side of a Synaptics touchpad - it certainly is with mine. So you can avoid scrolling by using the left hand side only.

Your touchpad should be shown within YaST, or the control center of Gnome, depending…

I believe that it’s behavior can be changed by installing Ksynaptics (if using the KDE dekstop) of Gsynaptics (Gnome desktop).

A search of the software repo’s shows this:

Thanks, this certainly makes things a lot easier.