touchpad regression in kernel-desktop-2.6.39-30.1

With the standard 11.4 kernal the touchpad on my hp dmz1 works perfectly. The upgrade to the kernel-desktop-2.6.39-30.1 kernal in Tumbleweed breaks it though. I lose right click and click + drag functionality. Basically it looks like this bug is back in Tumbleweed. So, now I have two questions: Any suggestions for getting the touchpad working with the Tumbleweed kernel (I don’t want to go back to the 11.4 kernal because the radon video driver is much improved in the Tumbleweed kernel)? And secondly, where are bug reports for Tumbleweed supposed to be filed? does not seem to have a Tumbleweed section.


OK, found the answer to the second question on the Tumbleweed portal. But if anyone has any suggestions for getting the trackpad working with the Tumbleweed kernal I would really appreciate it.

I’ve filed a bug report: