Touchpad Problem

I can’t use my touchpad properly.I can’t click.So I can’t open files.Besides,When I disable my touchpad,my keyboard doesn’t work.Furthermore,Suse(11.3) begin to be unstable.I mean I can’t use mouse,menus,firefox etc.Namely,nothing does work properly…Something wrong with my touchpad.What can i do about that? If you help,I will be happy. :slight_smile:


( I haven’t done anything about my touchpad(packages etc.).Just I’ve kept it active. )

My laptop : HP Pavilion 1125-et

I’ve sort out the click problem but other problem is still going on.

Sorry, I cannot work out which problem you are referring to but, in any case, have you added the line:
Option “TapButton1” “1”
to 20-synaptics.conf?

I’ve sorted out tapping problem.But when I turn off touchpad,keyboard doesn’t work.I can’t write anything because of that.Also linux goes crazy,begins to be unstable.I hope you understand my problem.Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: