Touchpad on XPS M1530

My sob story is more or less the same as that found here:
TrackPad acts crazy on Dell XPS m1530 running OpenSUSE 11 - openSUSE Forums

I have an XPS M1530 and I’ve just installed openSUSE 11. The touchpad would act pretty crazy when touched. I followed all the ideas in the thread I linked to. The only one that made any difference at all was adding the line “i8042.nomux=1” to the file /boot/grub/menu.lst.

That almost fixed it! I can click using either of the two touchpad buttons now, and I can even scroll with the touchpad. Plus, I can tap it (press the pad twice to get a left click). However, I cannot actually move the cursor with the touchpad.

I have the touchpad set as an ALPS touchpad. Using synaptics doesn’t seem to change anything.

Any ideas?

I am still playing with this, but I did notice that the touchpad works fine when I am at the log in screen. Perhaps this is a clue…

Ah, I got it. Easy enough. Just went into Control Center > Touchpad > Acceleration and then raised the min and max speeds.

I know that some 1530s have an issue where if you leave the lid closed on the laptop the touch pad heats up and acts crazy until it cools down. This is a hardware problem and will happen in all OSes if you have it.