Touchpad not working and touchscreen does work

After trying Leap 42.1 on an Acer Aspire R11 (R3-131T) (see other post) I moved over to Tumbleweed as the intel graphics driver in Leap didn’t seem to support the device in this laptop (Intel Corp Device 22b1) (framebuffer device was used for Xorg) hence all was software rendered and slow. Also ACPI didn’t work on Leap so the laptop didn’t go in stand-by or know any battery-status;
In Tumbleweed this seems all fixed… However now the Touchpad of the laptop doesn’t work. And in the logging I don’t see X trying to or failing in activating any touchpad device. It just doesn’t seem to be seen…
Where do I start looking ?

Bug was submitted for this problem:

Have you looked to see if any pointing device is detected at all (eg YAST systeminfo).
You might also try to see if it’s detected as a USB device (most likely)


If a pointing device is detected, then you can use its name as a keyword and search your journal during a boot.