Touchpad not responding at login

Hi everyone, I installed openSUSE 11.3 Edu-life version a few days ago as dual-boot with Windows 7. The graphics are beautiful, and so much smoother than Ubuntu and Windows. Everything has been going great until I booted up tonight, and my touchpad nor keyboard will respond at the user login. I even plugged in an external keyboard and mouse, but still no response. I looked around on the forums, and it seems that most touchpad issues are related to GNOME and after login. But, I haven’t even started a session yet. openSUSE is installed on a Dell studio xps 1640 laptop. Any ideas? I tried the fail-safe option at the GRUB, and the keyboard responds in that terminal environment.

Option “TapButton1” “1”
to 20-synaptics.conf

It’s touchpad and keyboard…

You say it worked before? If so, always ask yourself, if you performed an update of your system. Things that stop working without system changes, are mostly hardware problems.
Does this happen at every boot, or just once?
Do touchpad and keyboard work on the windu install?

Hi guys, thanks for the suggestions. I won’t know why I didn’t get an email update about the replies. I thought I set it to auto email me.
Anyways, I did a re-install of the system. Somehow the installer knew that I already had an opensuse installation on one partition, and didn’t reformat it. I’m guessing it just rewrote files. So, things are working again, for now.
On this installation, I added auto-login. I know that isn’t as secure, but not being able to get into my computer is useless.

For the record, yes I could get onto the Windows install fine.