Touchpad &keyboard won't work/ won't wake up from sleep mode

Hello My name is Marc

and I’m new to opensuse, I just install 13.1 on my Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7223.I have two problems,

the 1st: Sometimes when I go to log in the touchpad and keyboard won’t work, I have to plug in my wireless
mouse and keep restarting the laptop until in works otherwise I can’t type anything When I open the Hardware
settings it would say TouchPad not found

the 2nd: It goes into sleep mode but when i try to wake it up it won’t respond, i can hear the HDD start back up
and the but the screen will still be black.

any idea how to fix these issues? I’ve also noticed that this was an issue with every distro i’ve tried
i’'ve tried google and still can’t come up with anything useful.