touchpad issue - unable to "tap to click"

I have problem in Leap 15.2 with touchpad. In KDE Plasma I cant enable option tap to click. Its greyed out.
Please help.

The interface shown indicates you’re using the “libinput” driver, (as opposed to “synaptics”). In this post by Nate Graham, a KDE developer, he suggests that any missing functionality of the systemsettings kcm_touchpad is due to lack of support by the libinput driver.

I would suggest perhaps raising a bug report at (against systemsettings kcm_touchpad) to confirm that is the issue in this case.

Don’t know how but problem resolved by itself. :sarcastic: Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

bracie z jednej ziemi, ratuj :slight_smile:
Yesterday I have updated openSUSE Leap 15.1 to 15.2.
In touchpad settings I don’t have even inactive:
Stuknij-aby-kliknąć [pl]
Tap-to-click [ang]

Did you install something?