Touchpad doesn't work after suspend or hibernate. And another touchpad problem.

Hi. So, I’m using openSUSE 13.2 with GNOME on my Acer Aspire E 14. Everything works nicely, except for my touchpad. The problem is, the secondary button of my touchpad is not read, and therefore I have to tap with two fingers to right-click. And, somehow, I am unable to drag with my touchpad (I don’t know why.). And the last (and the most troublesome) problem is, whenever I resume work after I suspend or hibernate my laptop, the touchpad completely stops functioning. Trying Fn +F7 doesn’t change anything.

So, I wonder if you have a solution to my problem?

Oh, yea. I don’t know how to check my touchpad specs. Can you tell me how to check it as well? It would help to know what brand my touchpad was, wouldn’t it?

which do you have installed?

synaptiks - A touchpad configuration and management tool for KDE


kcm-touchpad - KCModule for configuring the touchpad


kcm-touchpad5 - KCModule for configuring the touchpad

Well, by checking the YaST Software Manager I just noticed that I had none of them installed. Now I’m installing synaptiks. Will it help?


on an HP-Pavilion-g7, after recent update kcm-touchpad
was installed
on each new boot the touchpad was found to be active

hence replaced it with the synaptiks package, now it works
as it did before, disabling the touchpad if a mouse is detected

must admit, not much time spent trying to get kcm-touchpad
to work as synaptiks did