Touchpad does not work in a Dell Laptop with Gnome 3.2


I have a problem with my laptop (a Dell Vostro 3350). The touchpad does not work when I login in Gnome 3.2 (I’m using currently Suse 12.1). It is not only that the click is disabled, but the movement of the mouse is also completely dissabled. However it works perfectly in GDM, and only stops working when I login succesfully. Since it works normally in my girlfriend’s laptop, I assume it is must be a specific problem of my laptop.

¿Any suggestion?

If there’s a function key for your Dell, try that.

hahaha, Fn+F3 fixed the problem! Now I’m feeling so stupid xD. Thanks so much!

The function key seems to only work within gnome. So when you said that the touchpad works outside of gnome, that was a good clue.