touchpad disable re-enable

I just installed opensuse12.3 kde and I pressed fn+f10 I thought it would display brightness meter or something
instead it disabled the touchpad and buttons too.

How can I re-enable the touchpad? Is there a key combo?

Because I can`t press any mouse button and do anything mouse related

Open the “Run Command” dialog with ALT-F2 and type the command

synclient TouchpadOff=0

then press ‘Enter’. Now you should have your touchpad enabled again.

Sadly this did not work for me.
although using [ALT] + F2 did allow me to enter Konsole or xterm to start a terminal and I was able to try

xinput list
xinput enable <id of touchpad>

I have not tried adding it to my bin yet but further info on setting that up was found on this thread