Touchpad bottom area doesn't work...

Hi All,

On both Suse KDE and Gnome live cd’s, my touchpad on a new Acer laptop doesn’t work on the bottom 8-10mm or so. The touchpad is a SynPS/2 Synaptics touchpad and in windows has full multi-touch support. (Although I wiped windows right away after getting the computer.)

I have been wracking my brains on this one, playing with different xorg.conf variables to no avail. I also saw that someone had a similar issue with a touchpad in windows vista or 7, of all things, and that reverting to winXP with the older less functional driver restored functionality on the bottom portion of the touchpad.

Any ideas would be very well appreciated.


PS - The computer is an Acer Aspire 5251-1007.

Is that the bottom panel area? I have an occasional problem where the panel locks on boot and I have to use top to kill gnome-panels.

Thanks for the reply, but it’s got nothing to do with panels. It has to do with the touchpad, bottom edge. Aprx. 8 to 10 mm. No response at all in this area of the touchpad.

I also have an Acer but every part of the touchpad is responsive. Have you tried to configure the touchpad with kcm-touchpad or another program which has interpreted the signals in an unusual way?