Touchpad blocking for a certain time period, on by default

Hi, the global moderator advised me to take up the issue of KDE’s touchpad blocking with them, but it goes beyond that. Why doesn’t opensuse have some good touchblockers that work? ones where you can choose for how long to disable the touchpad after the last key stroke has been pressed. The touchpad blocker that you can download from Discover doesn’t install properly. A good touchpad blocker should be installed with opensuse, by default, and also be included in the live iso versions. I like yast a lot, like that opensuse can install easily to an external hard drive, but it’s frustrating dealing with a system with no proper touchpad blocking. I suppose I could try checking the web and compile something…

@as-muncher I would have thought there is something under ‘touchpad’ settings, without need for additional packages?

Two things, it’s openSUSE, please respect our distribution branding, it does for GNOME DE (touchpad disable while typing ), can’t say for the other Desktop Environments.

@malcolmlewis, not sure what you mean about having respect for your distribution branding.

There’s touchpad disable while typing for kde plasma, too, but it doesn’t work properly. It would be nice to set the time of disablement.

@as-muncher it’s openSUSE not opensuse…

Are you running Wayland, X11, some thing else? Very likely needs some libinput config, not my area…

@malcolmlewis, you are a true openSUSE patriot. :slight_smile:
I’m using x11

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We generally all are. That is why we are here. :wink:

This is not an openSUSE-specific issue, but usually handled within the user’s preferred desktop environment. Are the touchpad settings in KDE not working for you? Can you share a screenshot of the system settings configuration?

@as-muncher it’s very likely something to take up with upstream, see the comment SDB:Touchpad - openSUSE Wiki

Probably an /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ configuration is needed for your system to override defaults in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf as in copy to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ and configure as required.

You can configure KDE to disable the touchpad if a mouse is plugged in. That’s what I do, and it works pretty well.

There is an open bug on this (KDE bug 415364) on this. The settings may not show this option. But you can set it by manually editing the configuration file.

Your laptop may have an Fn key for toggling the touchpad. Or you can define a shortcut key combination for it.

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@malcolmlewis, thanks for the info. But this goes beyond just x11 or kde plasma or whatever. If KDE plasma or whatever application doesn’t provide good touchpad blocking, then it would be good to at least have some touchpad blocking software available to download. But thanks for the info.

@nrickert, ah yes, I see the touchpad blocking function key - thank you for pointing that out. That definitely helps.

I just wish something was a little more user-friendly, more convenient. Thanks for the responses.

It depends on how much effort you want to put into this. FWIW, here’s an old post of mine where I show how to implement a simple script to do this for any pointing device (no matter how it is being handled or the DE in question)……5/#post5807829

Thank you for that, that’s fantastic. And then you can also choose how long after a key is pressed to reactivate the touchpad.

Just to note that it won’t work in a Wayland environment.

All that this script does is keeping mouse disabled (it enables it for the very brief period between loop iterations). There is no connection between disabling mouse and keyboard state in this script, mouse is disabled unconditionally.

No - I used it to disable a touchpad device while typing, with a configurable delay (in an effort to assist another user several years ago).