Touch pad not recognized Hp Pavilion dm4 2070-us

I just recently switched over from Pear Os 3.0 (basically ubuntu) and i used to have two finger scrolling enabled with my touch pad, however in Opensuse 12.1 (x86_64) it doesn’t recognize my touch pad. It works fine and even taps to click but I can’t scroll even with the edge. I’ve looked at countless search results for this topic and i haven’t found anything solid to fix it (may be that i dont really understand Opensuse that well at all). I installed synaptik and i have touch pad management, however it says i dont have a touchpad (even tho im clearly using one). If anyone knows how to fix this i would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you

Hi, welcome here !!

It would be of much help if you give us as much info as you can, like desktop used (GNOME , KDE)., brand and type of touchpad ?