Touch pad does not work after being suspended

I have installed Opensuse 11.1 Gnome on my Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop; hardware profile:
Under Control Center → Power Management I have configured my laptop to suspend when the lid is closed. When I close the lid my laptop suspends correctly – the little moon icon lights up – and when I open the lid it comes alive correctly with one exception: my touch pad does not work. When I go to the Control Center → Touchpad after coming alive I get the following error:

GSynaptics couldn't initialize.

You have to set 'SHMConfig' 'true' in xorg.conf or XF86Config to use GSynaptics

Normally my touch pad works correctly. In reeding through the forms I found a suggestion to disable the touch pad in the Gnome control center and then configure in Yast. I have tried this with no success; my touch pad did not work at all after. This is the first time I have installed Linux on a laptop and would appreciate help with getting this working correctly.

Thank you

A solution can be found at:
Mouse doesn’t work after resume - openSUSE Forums