Totem still plays nothing and i still get no thumbnails either

SM player works yes, but how do i get the thumbnail previews.
I did a fresh install of opensuse, i installed the updates they Yast told me to. I followed the guide precisely this time, using the command line method and encountered some problems. 4 files, asked to be broken or use obsolete at the point where i have to do the switch to packman repository. I chose use obsolete cuz i didn’t want to break anything. When i tried to set an mkv to open in SMplayer the optionw asn’t there, only banshee and totem. I opened Yast and it told me to install opensuse codec installer and another file can’t remember) which i did. The option to open files in SMplayer, Xine etc came up then.

I’d like to get the thumbnails and I’d like to see Totem work as well. I know i don’t need to, but considering that i downloaded the neccesary codecs, i expect it to work :confused: or am i wrong with that assumption

On a totally unrelated note, is there a way to increase the resolution of the bootloader? i’d like to be 1920x1200 to full my screen

To get totem and Banshee to play stuff install the following packages: gstreamer-0_10-plugins-XXX and gstreamer-0_10-ffmpeg (both from Packman)

Anonymous1986 is correct but if you are using YAST then it will ask you to change vendor to packman just answer yes to that. Also you could put VLC in you repository list and do a search for win32codec and libdvdcss. VideoLAN - VLC media player for openSUSEThese will should pull the other files you need to play DVDs and mp3s. As far as the thumbnail previews that is probably a plug-in for Totem.

OK the gstreamer plugins are already installed, but i installed the ffmpeg one and i get video, but no sound.

I have those codecs you described already as i followed the guide that’s on the forum. The plugin for totem is totem nautilus i assume, which supposed to integrate totem with nautilus (thumbnailing most likely). and that’s already installed