Totem doesn't recognize audio device

For some reason, I have to use Totem. However, it showes a “X” mark on the speaker icon, and no sound on any video format. I use KDE desktop, I was told it works fine in GNOME environment. Could anyone tells me how to resove this problem? Thanks a lot.

Assuming 11.2?
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Not a fan of Totem.
Use: smplayer or gnome-mplayer

Thanks for your reply. I use 64bit 11.2+KDE, sorry for not beeing clear. SMPlayer works fine, but I have to use Totem. I have installed codecs neccesary.

BTW, do you know why SMPlayer cannot stop screensaver? Every time I have to disable monitor powermanagent before enjoy a movie. >:(

Never looked in to that. Will do tomorrow. But I never use a screensaver they tend to hog control and are generally a Pain in the… And they give nothing worthwhile in return.