Totem and VLC issues

I am very very new to Linux and have been trying to figure out how to get totem or vlc players to work on my opensuse 11.0 box (running gnome enviro).

Firstly, with totem, I keep getting an error about an mpeg-2 demuxer which I am assuming is a missing codec. I read the recent post about the 10 steps, but whenever I enter any in the terminal, I get ‘command not found’ errors. Obviously I’m making a very noob mistake - help appreciated.

Secondly, VLC player is supposedly installed on my machine, but whenever I attempt to open it, nothing happens. I click the icon and nothing happens at all.

I appreciate any help.

Thank you.

Hi & welcome to the forum!

Have you installed any codecs other than what was installed by default?
As you are new to Linux it might be easier to try the one-click install method rather that adding things manually.

See this link and follow the directions found under the 11.0 link : Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community

An easy way to check if something is installed, is by starting YaST > Software Management and using the search function… set it to vlc and hit search. If it’s installed the package will be listed under the installed tab.

You can also open a terminal console (Gnome Terminal) - if you like the console - and using the rpm command as follows:

rpm -qa | grep -i vlc

This tells rpm to run a query on your installed packages database and show all installed packages. the grep command than filters all the output and only displays the output matching the string (vlc in this case).

If you want you could have a read here to get some handles on openSUSE basics : Concepts - openSUSE

If you have any questions feel free to drop em :wink:

Cheers & enjoy,

Here is what I get when I run that rpm code:

brandon@linux-zfpd:~> rpm -qa|grep -1 vlc




I think the argument was with the vlc gnome and vlc beta gnome both being installed, because when I uninstalled beta version, everything worked. I have, however not been able to test if I am able to play a dvd. I’ll post more if successful.